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Satchu's Rich Wrap-Up
Wednesday 08th of December 2010

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Normal Board - The Whole shebang
Prompt Board Next day settlement
Expert Board All you need re an Individual stock.

I thank The Rwanda High Commissioner and his Deputy for the Invitation
yesterday to The Embassy. Its an extraordinary Story based on the Lee
Kwan Yew Singapore Model. A Model most African Countries liked to cite
and visit but None in fact executed and in that regard President
Kagame did. The Investment Requirements are a model of Simplicity and
afford a Navigation Tool Kit I have not yet found anywhere. Thank You

The Latest Daily PodCast can be found here

Kenya Economic Update KEU Edition 3 The Tipping Point

Financial Times Kenya Special

My Weekly Piece for The #Star The Cream always rises to the Top The
New Age of #Meritocracy

CNBC Africa 6 December - Kenya Markets - Aly Khan Satchu - Rich Management

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We will be uploading Bob Collymore's #Mindspeak Video imminently.

Macro Thoughts

Ghana All share looks very attractive with a Tight Stop. Triangle
Break Out Chart Formation and Good Fundamentals.

Home Thoughts

I fancy a Road Trip to Malindi

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Arresting Assange New Yorker
Law & Politics

WikiLeaks, the group he founded, said via Twitter:

    Today’s actions against our editor-in-chief Julian Assange won’t
affect our operations: we will release more cables tonight as normal.

There are hundreds of mirror sites echoing the WikiLeaks page, which
is itself hopping from address to address as if from one stone in a
river to another. WikiLeaks, according to the Guardian, has also
distributed encrypted files to thousands of people that can be
unlocked with a key code Assange and his lawyers have.


The Arrest of Assange is an Exercise in Futility not unlike King
Canute and his attempt to stop the Sea. The Information Stream has
burst its Banks, Julian Assange was the Tipping Agent. Arresting him
on what appears like trumped up Charges merely confirms the
helplessness that is corroding the Machine. Its a New Normal and thats
a Fact. Aly-Khan Satchu http://www.rich.co.ke/

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Currency Markets at a Glance WSJ
World Currencies

Euro 1.3229 The euro declined to $1.3259, from $1.3318 late Monday.
Earlier, it rose as high as $1.3402.
Pound 1.5719
Yen 83.86 It’s the biggest jump by the dollar in about a month.
Aussie 0.9792
Rand 6.955
South Korean Won 1147.20
India Rupee 45.022

“The jump in U.S. yields helped spark a rally in the dollar through
the G-10 field.”

US Bond Yields routed

Treasury prices dropped Tuesday, pushing 10-year yields up by the most
since June 2009, after Congress and the White House compromised on a
tax package that is expected to raise the deficit and increase the
government’s borrowing needs. Yields on 10-year notes rose 21 basis
points, or 0.21%, to 3.14%. It’s the biggest increase on a closing
basis since mid-2009. The yields touched 3.18% earlier, the highest
since late June.

Earlier, yields on the long bond touched 4.44%, the highest since
May.The sell-off escalated after the Treasury Department sold $32
billion in 3-year notes at a yield of 0.862%, a higher level than
traders had anticipated.

“The results were slightly disappointing, considering the backup in
rates,” said strategists at RBS Securities.

Bidders offered to buy 2.91 times the amount of debt sold, the lowest
bid-to-cover ratio since February. At the four most recent monthly
sales of the securities, bidders offered to buy an average of 3.18


This is hardly the Outcome Bernanke and QE2 was meant to achieve but
its material with respect to the Dollar.

Euro versus Dollar 1 Month Chart INO 1.3219 Last

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US Bond Yields at a Glance WSJ
World Of Finance

1-Month Bill*    -1/32    0.119
3-Month Bill*    1/32    0.147
6-Month Bill*    0/32    0.186
1-Year Note*    0/32    0.256
2-Year Note*    -7/32    0.532
3-Year Note*    -12/32    0.829
5-Year Note*    -1 0/32    1.729
7-Year Note*    -1 18/32    2.494
10-Year Note*    -1 25/32    3.141
30-Year Bond*    -2 8/32    4.374

The 10-year yield has risen more than three-quarters of a percentage
point from its low of 2.38% on Oct. 8, a remarkably quick move.


The Law of Unintended Consequences. This was not the outcome Bernanke
and his QE2 Program intended.

This was a very Violent Move.

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New Yorker Photo Booth

Castleberry chose Ted Muehling, a renowned designer of delicately
beautiful objects and jewelry, to design it. His work encompasses most
aspects of the book, including the typography and the layered
structure; not even the handcrafted paper escapes his artistic eye.
Abelardo Morell, whose art is currently being exhibited in New York at
Bonnie Benrubi and at Bryce Wolkowitz, contributed thirteen original
works of tactile beauty. His pictures of fauna and flora are
cliché-verres pieces, photographic images he made by hand in ink and
plant matter on glass. A fascination with the natural world united
this group of gifted artists. If it seems complicated and a bit
precious, rest assured it all adds up to a work of great beauty. It is
playfully whimsical—a little wunderkammer between the covers of a

The book can be seen on display at the Ted Muehling Studio, at 25
Howard Street, and at The Drawing Room, in East Hampton.

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Live 24 Hour Spot Gold Price KITCO 1391.70

Gold reached an intra-day high of $1,432.50 an ounce, an all-time
record, before profit takers moved in after the US Bond Yields started
to spike.

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Soft Commodities at a Glance INO

COCOA (NYBOT:CC)                            CC.Z10.E    Dec 2010 (E)    3068   
      +20    +0.66%
COFFEE (NYBOT:KC)                      KC.Z10.E    Dec 2010
(E)    207.60    -1.05    -0.50%
COTTON #2 (NYBOT:CT)                  CT.Z10.E    Dec 2010
(E)    137.99    -3.93    -2.77%
SUGAR #11-WORLD (NYBOT:SB)    SB.H11.E    Mar 2011 (E)    28.47    -0.54    -1.86%   

Cocoa 1 Year Chart INO

Last Price    3068
Contract High    3497
Contract Low    2280
First Delivery    2010-12-30
Expiration    2010-12-15


Has sprinted higher on Ivory Coast News.

This Organisation has the Cocoa market in a Real 'pickle'

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The Hermit Kingdom The Star
Law & Politics

FAR away in distant lands lies the Hermit Kingdom. This land is ruled
by The House of Kim and its capital is Pyongyang. The first and
‘Eternal’ President was Kim Il-sung and his successor Kim Jong-il
whose designated successor is Kim Jung-un. They all have had tiny
little hands like the Elves in the Elves and the Shoemaker.And this
country has nuclear weapons and on its border with its neighbour South
Korea sit 25,000 American soldiers. Last week the North shelled the
South and issued all kinds of threats. “The DPRK (North Korea) will
deal a merciless military counter-attack at any provocative act of
intruding into its territorial waters in the future.’’ President Obama
sent the USS George Washington to the Yellow Sea and now here we sit
watching developments and trying to model what is happening and what
might happen? In reality, we are actually navigating in uncharted
waters. The media keeps chanting like a mantra, China will rein North
Korea in. It is not in their Interests to have a mad dog like North
Korea as an ally. And whether its the BBC, The New York Times or Radio
France. I venture this is an embedded narrative fallacy and that most
Western commentators are apparently popping Qaaludes. Let me tell you
why. China is taking a much more forward position and particularly in
Asia, its near abroad. I believe North Korea is the perfect instrument
[the Attack Dog] for China to show those who choose to operate outside
their sphere of influence [and by extension, in the US’] that there
will be a very heavy price to pay.I venture that the Chinese are quite
happy to see those 25,000 US soldiers run right into the sea and we
need to grow up [as does the media] and see it for what it is. North
Korea and China see a weak and tottering President Obama and this
flashpoint represents the beginning of a roll back of US Power. And
you know the battlefield is not just the military one. Its a financial
one as well. Did you know the South Korean President has a military
war room and an economic war room and they say he spends more time in
the economic war room. Think about that for a moment. By this time,
you know I consider one of the finest books about trading and
economics one written by Edwin Lefevre called Reminiscences of a Stock
Market Operator and in that book he says ‘The Tape is your Telescope’
and it is. And I follow all kinds of tapes and one of the tapes is the
South Korean Stock Market called the KOSPI. About 5 working days
before this blew, someone sold more than $1b worth of South Korean
equities seconds before the close. Who was that? Not one commentator
has connected those dots. Just because China does not flex its ability
does not mean it cannot. If you have the power to do something and
have not that does not make you less powerful.

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South Korea Investigates Deutsche Bank in Hong Kong Bloomberg
World Of Finance

South Korea will send investigators to Deutsche Bank AG’s Hong Kong
offices as regulators probe the cause of a plunge in the Kospi Index
on Nov. 11.

The Financial Supervisory Service needs to have “conversations” with
Deutsche Bank employees in the city, spokeswoman Kim Soo Mi said,
confirming comments by Governor Kim Jong Chang that were reported by
MoneyToday, an Internet news provider. The Financial Services
Commission, the government’s policy-making body, earlier today said it
may limit the number of stock-option contracts investors can own,
adding it will monitor markets on Dec. 9, the next expiry day for

The Kospi tumbled 2.7 percent on Nov. 11, the exchange’s last options
expiry date. Korea Exchange Inc. attributed the drop, the index’s
biggest since May 25, to “program” selling and began an investigation
with regulators that includes sell orders made through Deutsche Bank.
Michael West, a Hong Kong- based spokesman for the German lender,
declined to comment.

“It’s the increasing prevalence of cross-border electronic trading
that may be spotlighted, as regulators come to grips with
multi-jurisdictional issues like this,” said Gavin Parry, managing
director of Hong Kong-based Parry International Trading Ltd. “As
exchange companies move towards global 24-hour platforms to capture
liquidity, these probes will become more common.”

The Financial Supervisory Service will send five officials to Hong
Kong for about two weeks, MoneyToday said. Spokeswoman Kim declined to
comment on whether the agency has approached Hong Kong regulators.
South Korea and Hong Kong are part of an international agreement on
sharing cross-border regulatory information, said Jonathan Li, a
spokesman for the Securities and Futures Commission of Hong Kong. He
declined to comment further.

About 1.6 trillion won ($1.4 billion) worth of sell orders on Nov. 11
were made through Deutsche Bank, South Korean regulators said the day
after the stock plunge. The Kospi slumped 48 points to 1,914.73
between 2:59 p.m. and 3:01 p.m. in Seoul that day.Deutsche Bank
breached South Korea’s stock exchange rules governing the disclosure
of computer-driven trades by filing a report one minute late on Nov.
11, the bourse said on Nov. 15.

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Korea Artillery Report Shakes Market WSJ
World Of Finance

Sounds of artillery shells this morning near the South Korean-North
Korean maritime border turned out be an apparent drill by the North.
But the rattle it gave to markets Wednesday could linger.South Korea’s
bench Kospi index is now flat, trimming its earlier gains, after the
local media reports that North Korea fired artillery shells into the
West Sea near the border with South Korea. “The market could become
volatile after the news,” says NH Investment & Securities analyst Kim
Hyung-ryoul.The U.S. dollar spiked against the South Korean won,
briefly hitting a high of 1,145 on local media. The pair is now up at
1,140.4 versus 1,131.4 late yesterday in Seoul.

South Korea ^Kospi Chart Yahoo Finance 3 Month Chart

KOSPI Composite Index
(KSC: ^KS11 )
Index Value:    1,958.31
52wk Range:    1,532.68 - 1,970.9


Near its 52 week High.

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United Nations prepares Ivory Coast staff pullout Reuters
Law & Politics

The United Nations prepared for a partial pull-out of staff from Ivory
Coast on Tuesday as West African leaders sought to defuse a power
struggle between rival claimants of a presidential election at
emergency talks.

Cocoa futures in London hit new highs on fears of disruptions to world
supplies, with the second-month futures contract up over 1.5 percent
at 2,081 pounds a tonne.

Ivory Coast's $2.3 billion Eurobond, a bellwether of investor mood,
saw its yield rise above 12 percent on Tuesday from pre-vote levels
below 10 percent.

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Citigroup’s Pandit Sees Africa as New Growth Driver Bloomberg
World Of Finance

Citigroup Inc. Chief Executive Officer Vikram Pandit said Africa is a
major new driver of growth as consumer spending slows in the U.S.

“Africa has a major role to play in this new world,” Pandit told
reporters in Johannesburg today. “The most important thing we are
seeing is an exponential rise in trade between emerging markets.”

While Citigroup will focus on providing corporate and investment
banking services, the bank is also looking at opportunities to service
Africa’s growing middle class, Pandit said. The lender, which has 200
million customer accounts, has no plans to make acquisitions in
Africa, and hasn’t identified any specific countries for expansion.

“Expansion in Africa isn’t as easy as it sounds,” Pandit said. “Things
don’t happen that much faster” than they used to, he said.

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Ghana All share Bloomberg Visual +30.064% 2010 Chart Break Out

% Change1.530


Very Bullish about this Index.

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South Africa All Share Bloomberg Visual +14.812% 2010

% Change0.343


A 26 Month Closing High.

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Price of piracy on consumer goods rises to a new high Business Daily
Kenyan Economy

That shift has seen the pirates attack commercial vessels within
Kenya’s territorial waters – the latest being the seizure of MV AYALA
on October 29 – 17 about 30 kilometres from the Kenyan coastline,
leading to high insurance, freight and security costs for local
importers.Data from the office of the Prime Minister shows that this
year alone, nine pirate attacks have occurred within Kenya’s Exclusive
Economic Zone, which is 360 kilometres from the coastline compared to
zero incidents last year.

“Consumers throughout East Africa are paying a piracy premium on every
good that is manufactured using imported materials,” said Vimal Shah,
the managing director of Bidco Oils Limited, a consumer goods
manufacturer. “It can only be expected that price inflation will
continue so long as the risk of attacks persist,” he said.

Mr Shah, whose company imports large amounts of palm and soft oils for
the manufacture of edible oils, said insurance costs for shipped cargo
has risen by more than 300 per cent in the last couple of years while
freight costs have increased by an average of 40 per cent.

This week, freight costs for palm oil cargo destined for the Port of
Dar al Salaam where part of Bidco’s raw materials are offloaded rose
by Sh640 per metric tonnes with a further review of the rates expected
in January 2011.


The Piracy Haircut on the Economy

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Nairobi All Share Bloomberg Visual +36.48% 2010
N.S.E General

% Change0.534


8.47% retreat from 2010 High in a 12 Consecutive Session Pull Back.
Looks quite oversold now.

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Kenyan Government to Introduce Price Controls on Fuel Bloomberg
Minerals, Oil & Energy

Kenya will introduce controls on petroleum prices on Dec. 15, after
the cost of fuel rose by at least 12 percent this year.The new
regulations will set limits on wholesale and retail prices of crude
oil, natural gas, coal and other fuels, Energy Minister Kiraitu
Murungi said in a government publication distributed today in Nairobi,
the capital. Controls will be imposed on importers of petroleum
products, refineries, storage facilities, transporters and sellers, he

Wholesale profit margins will be capped at 6 shillings (7 U.S. cents)
per liter (0.26 gallons) and retail margins at 3 shillings, Murungi
said. Fuel prices rose to 96.2 shillings a liter in September from
86.2 shillings in January, according to the Kenya National Bureau of
Statistics. Oil futures in New York increased by 0.8 percent over the
same period.

Oil marketers including KenolKobil Ltd., a Nairobi-based retailer,
have opposed the new regulations, citing the government’s failure to
consult them on the proposal. KenolKobil Chairman Jacob Segman said
yesterday price controls may lead to product shortages in the country,
East Africa’s biggest economy.

“KenolKobil is not opposed to price controls per se,” Segman said.
“But these must be transparent and the result of regular reviews by
independent, professional third-party bodies and must take into
account all cost factors influencing the marketing of petroleum
products, especially infrastructure costs and the damaging effect of
system inefficiencies.”

Last month, Kenya blocked Kenya Petroleum Refineries Ltd. from raising
prices following the jump in gasoline costs. The government told the
refinery, which is 50 percent state-owned, to improve efficiency
rather than increase charges.Fuel retailers in Kenya increased prices
last month because of what they termed inefficiencies at the refinery,
as demand for fuel grew 7 percent, the refiner’s chief executive
officer, Raj Varma, said on Nov. 24.

Kenyan President Mwai Kibaki earlier this year refused to sign a law
capping the price of fuel, food and other essential items, the Daily
Nation newspaper reported on Sept. 2, citing a memorandum sent to the
office of the parliamentary speaker, Kenneth Marende. The introduction
of price controls would contravene agreements signed with the World
Trade Organization, the newspaper said, citing Kibaki.


Lower Fuel Prices in the National Interest The Star

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Sasini Tea reports FY EPS +86.956% 2010
N.S.E Equities - Agricultural

Par Value:                  1/-
Closing Price:          13.00
Total Shares Issued:          228,055,504
Market Capitalization:        2,965M
EPS:            4.30
PE:              3.023

Full Year Sep 2010 versus Full Year 2009
Turnover 2.29 Billion versus 2.18 Billion
PAT 352.5m versus 137.2m
Company redeemed 540m Fixed Rate Loan Notes
Final Dividend 0.30 cents + Interim 0.20 Cents makes 0.50 Cents
EPS 4.30 [2.75 Biological] versus 2.30 [1.70 Biological]


Strong Results reflecting The Tea Curve 'Sweet Spot.'

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Prokhorov ‘Happy’ With RenCap as Crisis Bet Earns $500 Million Bloomberg
World Of Finance

Mikhail Prokhorov, the billionaire who sold most of his assets before
the global credit squeeze, said he’s keeping the Renaissance Capital
stake he bought at the peak of the crisis after the Russian
brokerage’s value doubled.

“Now is not the high time to sell,” Prokhorov said in a Bloomberg
Television interview in Moscow on Dec. 6.

Prokhorov agreed to buy half of the brokerage for $500 million to keep
it afloat in September 2008 after a record rout in Russian stocks,
including a 25 percent plunge in the benchmark Micex Index over three
days.The investment has “at minimum doubled” as global markets
rebounded and RenCap, as the company is also known, expanded into
Africa and other emerging markets, said Prokhorov, 45. The company
will be profitable this year after posting a “small loss” in the first
half, he said.

Prokhorov, who fell to No. 2 on Forbes magazine’s list of rich
Russians in May even as his fortune swelled to $13.4 billion from $9.5
billion a year earlier, said he’s “very happy” with the way RenCap
founder and Chief Executive Officer Stephen Jennings, 50, guided the
company through the crisis and into new markets.

“We share together a semi-global strategy because we think that
emerging markets are the most interesting in the next 10 to 15 years,”
Prokhorov said of Jennings, a native New Zealander who founded RenCap
with partners in 1995.

RenCap was one of 10 banks chosen by the Russian government to help
manage a planned 1.8 trillion rubles ($58 billion) in asset sales over
the next five years. It’s one of five banks organizing the sale of
Russia’s first ruble-denominated Eurobonds, which the government may
sell as early as this month.

Prokhorov said RenCap should aim to cut the share of its revenue
earned in Russia to 25 percent within five years from about 70 percent
now to offer a truly international service to its clients.Africa,
which accounts for a quarter of RenCap’s investment-banking business,
and other non-Russian activities will generate more than 50 percent of
revenue within two to three years, Hasnen Varawalla, RenCap’s global
head of corporate finance, said in an Oct. 5 interview.

Still, the only sensible approach for the brokerage is to “think
globally,” Prokhorov said.

“My perception is that domestic investment banks will be dead in the
nearest future, not only in Russia,” Prokhorov said. If a fund
dedicated to emerging markets wants to make investments in various
countries, “it’s a big headache” to buy stocks through different
brokerages, he said.

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N.S.E Today

The Nairobi All Share snapped a 12 day losing Streak finally to close
up 0.22 points at 97.47.
The NSE20 followed on its marginal gain yesterday to close 2.77 points
firmer at 4381.40.
The Bourse is trying to find a Base here after a quite relentless
downdraft and most Counters closed the session trading at prices above
the Average signalling Follow On Gains tomorrow.
Market Cap was 1.162763 Trillion versus 1.160177 Trillion last time

N.S.E Equities - Agricultural

Sasini Tea and Coffee reported Full Year Earnings +86.956% ahead of
the Previous Full Year placing the Price Earnings on 3.023.
Sasini Tea eased 5 cents to close at 12.95 and traded 33,200 shares.
The Primary Commodity Curves for both Tea and Coffee have inflected
higher but the share Prices of all the Agricultural Counters are
running egregiously behind that Development and in fact assume a
collapse in Price in those Curves, which I believe is entirely
unlikely to happen. Tea and Coffee belong in the Breakfast Commodity
Asset Class and I think are in the 'sweetest of sweet Spots.'

Kakuzi bounced 3.225% to close at 80.00 and traded 2,200 shares.
Kakuzi trades on a Trailing PE of 4.469 which looks egregious as well.

Kakuzi share price data www.rich.co.ke

Rea Vipingo traded 3,400 shares and closed at 15.50.

Eaagads firmed 2.0833% to close at 49.00 and traded 6,000 shares.

N.S.E Equities - Commercial & Services


shares volume     19,206,700
total turnover     88,012,496
avg price     4.58 Closing PRICE 4.55 Unchanged
high price     4.65
low price     4.50
last price     4.60


Safaricom was the most actively traded share at the Nairobi Bourse.
Safaricom traded a 4.50-4.65 range and had Buyers at 4.60 into the
Close. Safaricom had a 14-9 Demand versus Supply Equation at the
Finish and has now finally based out at 4.50+. Safaricom was
'Oversold' and should push towards 5.00.

Safaricom 1st Half Results Analysis share price data www.rich.co.ke

Par Value:                  0.05/-
Closing Price:          4.55
Total Shares Issued:          40,000,000,000
Market Capitalization:        182,000M
EPS:            0.38
PE:                11.974

Access Kenya eased 0.504% to close at 15.60 and traded a 15.55-15.70
range and 258,900 shares. Access Kenya has posted a -20.644% 1 Year
Return and sits just above 15.50 its 2010 Low Print from 22nd

Access Kenya share price data www.rich.co.ke

Kenya Airways was unchanged at 46.50 and traded 109,000 shares.

CMC Holdings eased 0.414% to close at 12.00 and traded a 12.00-12.30
range and 491,000 shares.
CarGen did not trade.

ScanGroup traded 20,900 shares and was unchanged at 60.00. ScanGroup
has posted a 145.474% 1 Year Return and has retreated 21.05% from All
Time Closing Highs of 76.00 from 7th October this Year. Scangroup
trades on a Trailing PE of 33.28.

ScanGroup share price data www.rich.co.ke

Nation clipped a shilling to close at 159.00 and traded 13,600 shares.
Standard did not trade.

TPS Serena firmed 50 cents to close at 68.50 and traded 7,500 shares.

N.S.E Equities - Finance & Investment

COOP Bank traded 2nd at the Bourse. COOP Bank firmed 0.26% to close at
19.05 and traded a 19.00-19.15 range and 3.404m shares worth 64.835m.
COOP Bank has posted a 114.988% 1 Year Return and traded a 21.50 All
Time High 26th October 2010.

COOP Bank share price data www.rich.co.ke

Kenya Commercial Bank traded 3rd. KCB was unchanged at 21.75 and
traded a 21.75-22.25 range and 2.520m shares worth 55.296m. KCB trades
on a Trailing PE of 11.821 and an Implied Forward PE of 8.05, if the
First 9 Months extrapolate on Trajectory at the Full Year Mark. I have
a Price Target of 32.4 at the Full Year Earnings Release Point and
that will equate to a PE of 12.00.

Kenya Commercial Bank 3rd Quarter 2010 results share price data here

Equity Bank traded 4th. Equity Bank was unchanged at 25.75 and traded
a 25.75-26.00 range and 1.779m shares worth 46.216m. Equity Bank
trades on a trailing PE of 22.588 and accelerated 3rd Quarter Earnings
around the +55% rate.

Equity Bank share price data www.rich.co.ke

Barclays Bank bounced 0.69% to close at 61.00 and traded 81,400 shares.
Standard Chartered eased a shilling to close at 256.00 and traded

Kenya Re rallied 4.18% to close at 12.45 on heavy volume [versus its
Volume Moving Average] of 990,700 shares. Kenya Re is up 17.365% over
a 1 Year Period.
Jubilee traded 400 shares and was unchanged at 188.00
PanAfric did not trade.

Centum was unchanged at 22.75 and traded 68,800 shares.

HFCK rallied 2.02% to close at 25.25 and traded 29,200 shares. It had
become deeply oversold.
DTB was unchanged at 132.00 and traded 23,800 shares.
CFC Stanbic firmed 50 cents to close at 78.50 and traded 1,300 shares.
NBK was unchanged at 38.50 and traded 14,100 shares.
NIC was unchanged at 49.00 and transacted 15,500 shares.

Olympia Capital traded 1,100 shares and closed at 6.70.

N.S.E Equities - Industrial & Allied

Kenya Power traded 5th. KPLC was unchanged at 22.75 and trading at
23.00 +1.1% into the Finish. KPLC traded a 22.75-23.00 range and
1.512m shares worth 34.706m.
KPLC rights retreated 3.57% to close at 2.70 and traded 1.587m shares.

Kenya Power share price data and All Announcements re Rights Issue
here www.rich.co.ke

KenGen firmed 5 cents to close at 16.80 and was trading at 17.00
+1.49% session Highs into the close. KenGen traded 526,800 shares
worth 8.855m.
Cables rallied 3.15% to close at 16.35 and traded 2,900 shares.

Mumias Sugar traded 6th at the Bourse. Mumias Sugar closed unchanged
at 9.55 and traded a 9.50-9.70 range and 3.506m shares worth 33.621m.
Mumias Sugar has posted a 45.949% 1 Year Return but has retreated
38.38% from 15.50 2010 Highs from August this Year. Mumias Sugar
trades on a trailing PE of 9.048 and should be finding support at
these Levels.

Mumias Sugar share price data here www.rich.co.ke

EABL firmed 0.49% to close at 205.00 and was trading at 207.00 +1.47%
session highs into the close. EABL traded 124,300 shares worth
25.507m. EABL has posted a 57.103% 1 Year Return and printed an all
time high of 226.00 on 19th November from where we have retreated

EABL share price data www.rich.co.ke

Bamburi Cement improved 1.03% to close at 198.00 and traded a 100,000
shares all at that Level.
ARM was unchanged at 172.00 and traded 8,900 shares.
Portland did not trade.

KenolKobil firmed 0.502% to close at 10.00 and traded 579,200 shares.
KenolKobil released Bullish Full Year Guidance this week in an
Addendum to an Announcement re Fuel Price Controls.
Total traded 6,200 shares and was unchanged at 29.00

Eveready firmed 1.61% to close at 3.15 and traded 66,100 shares.
Sameer firmed 2.54% to close at 6.05 and traded 17,600 shares.

BAT traded 200 shares at 279.00 and unchanged.
Crown Berger was unchanged at 32.00 on 1,000 shares.
Neither Carbacid or BOC Kenya traded.
Unga closed at 10.75 and traded 13,600 shares.

by Aly Khan Satchu (www.rich.co.ke)
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December 2010

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