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Satchu's Rich Wrap-Up
Wednesday 13th of February 2019

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Trump Tweeted a Photo of Iranian Protest. He Didn't Ask the Journalist Who Took It. Credit Yalda Moayeri
Law & Politics

A protest at Tehran University in December 2017. President Trump used
the image this week without permission, said Yalda Moayeri, the
Iranian photojournalist who took the photo. Credit Yalda Moayeri
All her life Yalda Moayeri, a 37-year-old photojournalist from Iran,
has struggled with men. She has dealt with mansplaining colleagues,
Iranian censors and the country’s security forces. Some created
obstacles, others pressured her. She always fought back.
Now she’s tangling with President Trump, who used a photograph she
shot without permission for his own political purposes.
On the 40th anniversary of the Islamic Revolution, celebrated on
Monday, Mr. Trump tweeted an iconic image taken by Ms. Moayeri. The
image — taken under dangerous circumstances — shows an unidentified
protester in Tehran, her left fist raised while surrounded by smoke,
during demonstrations in 2017.
A protest at Tehran University in December 2017. President Trump used
the image this week without permission, said Yalda Moayeri, the
Iranian photojournalist who took the photo.CreditCreditYalda Moayeri

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10-DEC-2018 :: Truce dinner @Huawei
Law & Politics

Sirloin steaks, Catena Zapata Nicolas Malbec [2014] Huawei
Technologies Co. and Wanzhou Meng

You will recall that Presidents Trump and Xi Jinping enjoyed a much
anticipated ''Truce'' Dinner at the G20 in Buenos Aires and quaffed a
Catena Zapata Nicolas Malbec [2014] wine with their sirloin steaks and
finished it all off with caramel rolled pancakes, crispy chocolate and
fresh cream, a dinner that ran over by 60 minutes and one where the
dinner Guests broke out into spontaneous applause thereafter.

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Currency Markets at a Glance WSJ
World Currencies

Euro 1.1333
Dollar Index 96.68
Japan Yen 100.633
Swiss Franc 1.0059
Pound 1.2911
Aussie 0.7126
India Rupee 70.5755
South Korea Won 1121.25
Brazil Real 3.7102
Egypt Pound 17.6203
South Africa Rand 13.72

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31-DEC-2018 :: Europe remains off balance.
World Currencies

The Pound has not priced in a hard Brexit nor has the Euro.
Europe remains off balance. The French have always been prone to take
to the Streets but President Macron clearly has to deal with things
with plenty of finesse, now. President Putin is snapping at the edges
and his European Portfolio continues to grow.

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11-FEB-2019 :: :: Africa and the 'vision' thing

and this brings me to the ‘’Vision’’ thing.
Where is it? Who is providing it? Its high time we authored it because
this is a ‘’Born Free’’ generation.

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He's right isn't he?

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"African governments have a lot more choice and FDI partners are changing," said @RonakGopaldas @business

“That’s creating opportunities and policymakers need to be strategic
in who they partner.”

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The Maldives counts the cost of its debts to China @FinancialTimes

Crowned with a soaring blue archway, the four-lane China-Maldives
Friendship Bridge loops over 2km of the Indian Ocean to connect the
Maldivian capital with its international airport and the fast-growing
artificial island of Hulhumale.
Opened last year, the bridge was the flagship project in a surge of
Chinese investment into the Maldives under former president Abdulla
Yameen, who left office in November after a shock election defeat
brought to an end his five-year rule.
But while China has portrayed its Maldivian projects as an example of
how its Belt and Road Initiative can drive development in smaller
countries, the new government in Male is taking a darker view. It
claims that Mr Yameen’s administration saddled the country with vast
debts — owed principally to China — through inflated investment
contracts which involved personal gain for corrupt Maldivian
Over the past two months, the Maldives has been struggling to
establish the full scale of its exposure to Chinese debt, most of
which is in the form of sovereign guarantees on Chinese loans to
companies. Finance ministry data show that these guarantees amount to
$935m, on top of the $600m directly owed to Beijing by the government.
Mohamed Nasheed, a key adviser to new president Ibrahim Mohamed Solih
and himself a former president, believes that hitherto unreported
guarantees could bring the total exposure as high as $3bn — an
unaffordable sum, he tells the Financial Times, in a country of
400,000 people where gross domestic product in 2017 was $4.9bn.
The Chinese investment boom in the Maldives got under way in 2014,
when Xi Jinping made the first ever visit by a Chinese head of state
to the archipelago. Beijing’s growing interest in the Maldives,
despite the country’s tiny population, reflects its strategic
With 1,200 islands stretching over a latitudinal distance of 850km,
the Maldives claims an exclusive economic zone of 859,000 square
kilometres — well over triple the land area of the UK — in a section
of the Indian Ocean that touches the main shipping route between
China, the oil suppliers of the Middle East and Europe.
“We should not sell our debt for equity,” says Mr Nasheed, warning
against an outcome that would give China effective control of
Maldivian territory.


Because of the EEZ - China has been typically ''generous'' to the
Island Countries and of course the Maldives is a Prize in that
''geopolitical'' context.

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for those of Africa's least developed countries and small island developing countries the debt they have incurred in the form of interest-free Chinese government loans due to mature by the end of 2018 will be exempted #FOCAC

for those of Africa's least developed countries, heavily indebted and
poor countries, landlocked developing countries and small island
developing countries that have diplomatic relations with China, the
debt they have incurred in the form of interest-free Chinese
government loans due to mature by the end of 2018 will be exempted.

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"Nigeria's economy accelerated to 2.4 percent in Q4, but momentum in the non-oil sector remained very weak," John Ashbourne @ReutersAfrica

Gross domestic product grew by 1.93 percent last year, up from 0.82
percent in 2017 and just short of the government’s 2 percent
projection, the National Bureau of Statistics said on Tuesday. It grew
2.4 percent in the fourth quarter.
A Reuters poll of analysts had forecast growth of 2.1 percent, saying
growth was expected to slow as investors held off before the
Nigerian stocks rose to their highest in almost three months, gaining
1.75 percent after the statistics office released the GDP data.

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Earnings from horticulture hit Sh153 billion @BD_Africa
Kenyan Economy

Horticulture earnings hit Sh153 billion last year making it the third
foreign exchange earner after diaspora remittances (Sh272 billion) and
tourism (Sh157 billion).
The earnings in the review period grew by 33 per cent from Sh115
billion in the previous year on account of high demand and good
international prices.
Flowers made the bulk of the earnings, bringing in Sh113 billion, with
vegetables at Sh27 billion and fruits raking in Sh12 billion.

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28-JAN-2019 :: . A move below a 100.00 would catch a lot of people off-guard.
Kenyan Economy

The key levers with regard to the shilling are the price of fuel [We
have to write a cheque every month], inward Remittances [flew off the
chart last year and its not clear to me if that bump will turn out to
be ‘’amnesty’’ affected] and I think we underestimate the regional
‘’safe-haven’’ status that the Kenya Shilling has earned. A move below
a 100.00 would catch a lot of people off-guard.

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by Aly Khan Satchu (www.rich.co.ke)
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February 2019

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