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Company Data
Equity Group Holdings Ltd
Par Value:                  0.50/-
Closing Price:           44.00
Total Shares Issued:          3773674802.00
Market Capitalization:        166,041,691,288
EPS:             10.38
PE:                 4.239

Kenyas lead microfinance model.

Equity Group reports HY 2022 through 30th June 2022 versus through 30th June 2021
HY 22 Total Assets 1.333860884 Trillion versus 1.119737205 Trillion +19%
HY 22 Investment Securities 365.023144b versus 315.497412b
HY 22 Fair value through other comprehensive income (FVOCI) Kenya Government securities 223.714830b
HY 22 Fair value through other comprehensive income (FVOCI) Other Securities 127.360904b versus 111.762108b
HY 22 Loans and advances to customers (net) 650.556497b versus 504.848616b
HY 22 Customer Deposits 970.942913b versus 819.684096b
HY 22 Borrowed Funds 120.522956b versus 98.603415b
HY 22 Total Interest Income 54.973b versus 42.746576b
HY 22 Total Interest Expenses 15.169161b versus 11.591921b
HY 22 Net Interest Income 39.803839b versus 31.154655b
HY 22 Total Non Interest Income 25.844495b versus 2.767065b
HY 22 Total Operating Income 65.648334b v ersus 51.921720b
HY 22 Loan Loss Provision 4.086983b versus 2.912467b
HY 22 Staff Costs 10.818825b versus 8.518591b
HY 22 Total Operating Expenses 34.730393b versus 28.090747b
HY 22 Profit/(loss) before tax and exceptional items 30.917937b versus 23.830973b
HY 22 Profit/(loss) after tax and exceptional items 24.430474b versus 17.944198b
HY 22 Fair value changes in FVOCI assets [38.945243b] versus [2.445727b]
HY 22 Total comprehensive income for the year [13.877697b] versus 16.432692b
HY 22 EPS 6.29 versus 4.65 +35.26%

Our regional subsidiaries are growing faster than the Kenyan market. The subsidiaries have become high growth assets with Rwanda and Uganda recording high returns – Dr. James Mwangi, Equity MD & CEO @KeEquityBank


Underlying, organic growth continues to build momentum.
However, there is a brutal mark to market downshift [but they are to be commended for taking it in a transparent manner]
HY 22 Fair value changes in FVOCI assets [38.945243b] versus [2.445727b]
HY 22 Total comprehensive income for the year [13.877697b] versus 16.432692b

Equity Group reports FY 2021 Earnings versus FY 2020
FY Total Assets 1.304913824 Trillion versus 1.015093315 Trillion
FY Investment Securities 394.101448b versus 217.407885b
FY Kenya Government Securities 215.880077b versus 162.309318b
FY Other Securities 164.514258b versus 39.256150b
FY Loans and Advances [Net] to Customers 587.775071b versus 477.847189b
FY Customer Deposits 958.977b versus 740.800779b
FY Total Interest Income 94.345030b versus 73.764833b
FY Total Interest Expenses 25.534056b versus 18.616042b
FY Net Interest Income 68.810974b versus 55.148791b
FY Total Non-Interest Income 44.575415b versus 38.508081b
FY Total Operating Income 113.386389b versus 93.656872b
FY Loan Loss Provision 5.844707b versus 26.631273b
FY Staff Costs 19.108213b versus 15.418429b
FY Other Operating expenses 28.682087b versus 23.512357b
FY Total Operating Expenses 61.505369b versus 72.664472b
FY Profit before Tax after exceptional items 51.881020b versus 22.169790b
FY Profit after Tax exceptional items and minority interest 39.174429b versus 19.789398b
FY EPS 10.38 versus 5.24 +98%
FY Dividend 3.00 a share

Equity Group Full Year 2021 Results [KES YoY]: @MwangoCapital

Loan book +23% to 587.7B.
Total Assets +28.5% to 1.3T.
Customer Deposits +29.4% to 958.9B.
- Total Interest Income +27.8% to 94.3B.
- Loan provisions -78.0% to 5.8B.
PAT +99% to 40.1B
EPS +98% to 10.4

Equity groups 86% of all transactions is in digital channels 6% in 3rd party infrastructure 3% performed by brick and mortar banking. @kasiva_mutisya


The numbers are flattered by lapping FY 2020 where Earnings were suppressed.
However, make no mistake this is a alpha stock and the DRC is a Jewel in the crown

Equity Group reports HY 2021 Earnings through 30th June 2021
HY Total Assets 1.119737205 trillion versus 746.469073b +50.00%
HY Investment Securities 315.497412b versus 216.385915b
HY Loans and Advances to Customers [net] 504.848616b versus 391.633218b +28.90%
HY Customer Deposits 819.684096b versus 543.893929b
HY Total Interest Income 42.746576b versus 32.796246b
HY Total Interest Expense 11.591921b versus 8.161025b
HY Net Interest Income 31.154655b versus 24.635221b +26%
HY Total Non Interest Income 20.767065b versus 14.400233b
HY Total Operating Income 51.921720b versus 39.035454b
HY Loan Loss provision 2.912467b versus 8.022277b
HY Staff Costs 8.518591b versus 6.719322b
HY Other Operating expenses 12.801973b versus 8.956470b
HY Total Operating Expenses 28.090747b versus 27.057962b
HY Profit before Tax 23.830973b versus 11.977492b
HY Profit after Tax and exceptional items and minority interest 17.549239b versus 9.022117b +94.51%
HY EPS 4.65 versus 2.39 +94.56%

The Equity Group is now agile. We have a Ksh1.2tn cash & cash equivalents asset mix. Dr James Mwangi @wanamdynasty24

.@KeEquityBank subsidiaries #Equity2021HYResults

We are releasing this results at a time when the region is bouncing back. We are seeing GDP growth rates to almost an average of six per cent. We are readying ourselves to ride on this wave. We have not been in this position for a while Dr James Mwangi, CEO @KeEquityBank @MaudhuiHouse

Our NPLs ratio has now fallen to 10.7%. The existing NPLs are now fully covered. The Group will only make provisions on new lending Dr James Mwangi @MaudhuiHouse


really muscular earnings plain and simple

Equity Group reports FY Earnings through 31st December 2020 versus trough 31st December 2019 

FY Total Assets 1015.093315b versus 673.682541b
FY Investment Securities Held to Maturity 15.842417b versus 21.572268b
FY Investment Securities Available for Sale 201.565468b versus 150.635919b
FY Loans and Advances to Customers [Net] 477.847189b versus 366.440456b
[Equity Bank Kenya 313.065151b versus 276.863043b]
FY Customer Deposits 740.800779b versus 482.752.134b
[Equity Bank Kenya 496.748100b versus 380.603583b]
FY Total Interest Income 73.764833b versus 59.722807b
FY Total Interest Expenses 18.616042b versus 14.740466b
FY Net Interest Income 55.148791b versus 44.982361b
FY Non Interest Income 38.508081b versus 30.780053b
FY Total Operating Income 93.656872b versus 75.762414b
FY Loan Loss Provision 26.631273b versus 5.302566b
FY Staff Costs 15.418429b versus 12.808766b
FY Other Operating Expenses 23.512357b versus 19.583855b
FY Total Operating Expenses 72.664472b versus 44.284984b 
FY Profit [Loss] before Tax and exceptional Items 20.992400b versus 31.477430b
Exceptional Items Gain on bargain purchase 1.177390b 
FY Profit before Tax 22.169790b versus 31.477430b
Deferred Tax 8.236431b versus 1.106659b
FY Profit after Tax 20.099546b versus 22.560714b
FY EPS 5.24 versus 5.93

No Dividend 

Net interest income grew by 23% to Ksh 55B up from Ksh 45B driven by a 30% growth in customer loan book and 26% growth in Government securities.Dr. James Mwangi.


Digitization enabled 98% of all Group transactions to happen outside the branches.Dr. James Mwangi.


Our biggest growth was in the non funded income which grew by 27% from 30 Billion to 38 Billion. Dr. James Mwangi.


The profit after tax contribution from business outside Kenya grew to 28% from 18%. Dr. James Mwangi.


Equity Bank [@KeEquityBank] 2020 results summary: @MwangoCapital


Net interest income up 23.5%
Profit before tax and exceptional items down 33%
Profit after tax down 12%
Loan loss Provisions up ~5 times to 26.6B 
32% of loan books restructured (171B)

No dividends


A Dash for Growth [driven by the DRC acquisition which I believe will prove a Jewel in the Crown] in a pandemic Year.

Not sure what the deferred Tax is all about.

Looks like a very attractive prospect over the medium term

Equity Group HY Earnings through 30th June 2020 versus through 30th June 2019
HY Total Assets 746.469073b versus 638.662575b
HY Loans and Advances [Net] to Customers 391.633218b versus 320.886253b
HY Net Interest Income 24.635221b versus 21.079251b
HY Total Non Interest Income 14.400233b versus 16.543334b
HY Total Operating Income 39.035454b versus 37.622585b
HY Loan Loss 8.022277b versus 0.918498b
HY Total Operating Expenses 27.057962b versus 20.633530b
HY Profit before Tax 11.977492b versus 16.989055b
HY PAT 9.022117b versus 11.919475b
HY Gross NPLs 45.550316b versus 29.243130b
HY Loan Loss Provision 23.448035b versus 16.214226b
HY Net NPLs 0.568172b versus 1.045227b

a 773.4% yoy rise in loan loss provision expense to KES 8.0 BN which placed the cost of risk for the period at 2.0%.
Operating profit before provisions rose 11.7% yoy
Non-interest income declined 13.0% yoy to KES 14.4 BN on the back of an 8.0% y o y decline in fees and commissions to KES 9.2 BN and a 36.7% yoy decline in other operating income to KES 2.9 BN.
Net forex income rose 20.0% yoy to KES 2.2 BN.
Gross NPLs rose 55.8% yoy to KES 45.6 BN (+2.0% q o q) whereas loan loss provision rose 72.7% yoy to KES 16.3 BN (+8.2% qoq).
Consequently NPL ratio rose 207 bps y o y to 10.4% whereas NPL coverage rose 422 bps yoy to 41.0%.
On a trailing basis, Equity is trading at a P/E of 5.9x and a P/B of 0.9x against sector median multiples of 4.8x and 0.6x.



Equity Group Holdings PLC FY 2019 results through 31st December 2019 vs. 31st December 2018
FY Kenyan government securities held to maturity 172.208187b vs. 160.952084b +6.993%
FY Loans and advances to customers (net) 366.440456b vs. 297.226915b +23.286%
FY Total assets 673.682541b vs. 573.384730b +17.492%
FY Customer deposits 482.752134b vs. 422.758486b +14.191%
FY Borrowed funds 56.600944b vs. 44.179673b +28.115%
FY Total shareholders funds 111.776665b vs. 94.957725b +17.712%
FY Loans and advances interest income 41.458529b vs. 36.415466b +13.849%
FY Government securities interest income 16.872322b vs. 16.301265b +4.293%
FY Total interest income 59.722807b vs. 53.230254b +12.197%
FY Customer deposits expense [11.072280b] vs. [9.426897b] +17.454%
FY Other interest expenses [2.969642b] vs. [1.849890b] +60.531%
FY Total interest expenses [14.740446b] vs. [11.808066b] +24.834%
FY Net interest income 44.982361b vs. 41.422188b +8.595%
FY Fees and commissions income on loans and advances 5.596635b vs. 4.932106b +13.474%
FY Other fees and commissions income 15.608742b vs. 13.332054b +17.077%
FY FX trading income 3.503661b vs. 3.308959b +5.884%
FY Total non interest income 30.780053b vs. 25.861374b +19.019%
FY Total operating income 75.762414b vs. 67.283562b +12.602%
FY Loan loss provision [5.302566b] vs. [3.713521b] +42.791%
FY Staff costs [12.808766b] vs. [11.455559b] +11.813%
FY Other operating expenses [19.583855b] vs. [16.865467b] +16.118%
FY Total operating expenses [44.284984b] vs. [38.820612b] +14.076%
FY Profit/ [Loss] before tax and exceptional items 31.477430b vs. 28.462950b +10.591%
FY Profit/ [Loss] after tax and exceptional items 22.560714b vs. 19.823933b +13.805%
Basic and diluted EPS 5.93 vs. 5.22 +13.602%
Dividend per share 2.50 vs. 2.00 +25.000%
Total NPL and advances 31.974770b vs. 21.094581b +51.578%

Equity Group FY 2019 Investor Briefing


The +25% Year on Year Dividend hike is the message.
Sharp increase in loan loss provisioning, with NPLs significantly above management guidance [not a bad thing]
P/B of 1.3

Equity Group Holdings PLC HY 2019 results through 30th June 2019 vs. 30th June 2018
HY Investment securities 179.619474b vs. 158.940491b +13.011%
HY Kenyan government available for sale 159.431533b vs. 138.453752b +15.151%
HY Loans and advances to customers (net) 320.886253b vs. 275.036697b +16.670%
HY Total assets 638.662575b vs. 542.016243b +17.831%
HY Customer deposits 458.595144b vs. 393.685732b +16.488%
HY Total shareholders funds 102.739359b vs. 86.311472b +19.033%
HY Total interest income 27.680371b vs. 25.356195b +9.166%
HY Total interest expenses [6.601120b] vs. [5.773203b] +14.341%
HY Net interest income 21.079251b vs. 19.582992b +7.641%
HY Total non interest income 16.543334b vs. 13.175875b +25.558%
HY Total operating income 37.622585b vs. 32.758867b +14.847%
HY Loan loss provision [918.498m] vs. [787.392m] +16.651%
HY Total operating expenses [20.633530b] vs. [17.288152b] +19.351%
HY Profit/ [Loss] before tax and exceptional items 16.989055b vs. 15.470715b +10.493%
HY Profit/ [Loss] after tax and exceptional items 11.919475b vs. 10.941383b +8.939%
Basic and diluted EPS 3.18 vs. 2.90 +9.655%
Total NPL and advances 25.663361b vs. 21.386307b +19.999%
Liquidity ratio 56.5% vs. 57.1% -0.600%


53.086% of total Assets is in GOK securities

Equity Group Holdings PLC FY 2018 results through 31st December 2018 vs. 31st December 2017
FY Kenyan government securities held to maturity 160.952084b vs. 128.001775b +25.742%
FY Loans and advances to customers (net) 297.226915b vs. 279.091669b +6.498%
FY Total assets 573.384730b vs. 524.465745b +9.327%
FY Customer deposits 422.758486b vs. 373.143247b +13.297%
FY Borrowed funds 44.179673b vs. 46.137632b -4.244%
FY Total shareholders funds 94.957725b vs. 93.142936b +1.948%
FY Loans and advances interest income 36.415466b vs. 33.880635b +7.482%
FY Government securities interest income 16.301265b vs. 13.393880b +21.707%
FY Total interest income 53.230254b vs. 48.410471b +9.956%
FY Customer deposits expense [9.426897b] vs. [8.075892b] +16.729%
FY Other interest expenses [1.849890b] vs. [2.418697b] -23.517%
FY Total interest expenses [11.808066b] vs. [10.840862b] +8.922%
FY Net interest income 41.422188b vs. 37.569609b +10.255%
FY Fees and commissions income on loans and advances 4.932106b vs. 5.914035b -16.603%
FY Other fees and commissions income 13.332054b vs. 13.365790b -0.252%
FY FX trading income 3.308959b vs. 4.110964b -19.509%
FY Total non interest income 25.861374b vs. 27.591699b -6.271%
FY Total operating income 67.283562b vs. 65.161308b +3.257%
FY Loan loss provision [3.713521b] vs. [3.431331b] +8.224 %
FY Staff costs [11.455559b] vs. [11.475853b] -0.177%
FY Other operating expenses [16.865467b] vs. [16.310153b] +3.405%
FY Total operating expenses [38.820612b] vs. [38.278885b] +1.415%
FY Profit/ [Loss] before tax and exceptional items 28.462950b vs. 26.882423b +5.879%
FY Profit/ [Loss] after tax and exceptional items 19.823933b vs. 18.918051b +4.788%
Basic and diluted EPS 5.25 vs. 5.00 +5.000%
Dividend per share 2.00 vs. 2.00
Total NPL and advances 21.094581b vs. 15.442413b +36.602%
Liquidity ratio 54.1% vs. 54.2% -0.100%

89% of all successfully processed loans are now originated via mobile channels, while 96% of our transactions are happening outside the branch Dr. James Mwangi Equity2018FYResults

Despite pursuing a conservative prudent strategy to fortify soundness, the Group registered a 6% growth in Profit Before Tax Dr. James Mwangi Equity2018FYResults

Double digit growth in profitability for non Kenyan subsidiaries Enhanced PAT contribution to Group at 15%


Dr. James Mwangi pivoted towards the Safe Haven a while back.
Interesting Tanzania Data.
I am bullish about the Regional Extension.

6 Month earnings through 30th June 2018 versus through 30th June 2017
H1 Loans and Advances [net] to customers 275.036697b versus 265.086161b +3.75%
H1 Total assets 542.016243b versus 504.944293b +7.341%
H1 Customer Deposits 393.685732b versus 362.788362b
H1 Total Interest Income 25.356195b versus 23.005192b
H1 Net Interest Income 19.582992b versus 17.942652b
H1 Non-Interest Income 13.175875b versus 12.976624b
H1 Total Operating Income 32.758867b versus 30.919276b
H1 Loan Loss Provision 787.392m versus 1.860344b -57.67%
H1 Staff Costs 5.226063b versus 5.158500b
H1 Total Operating Expenses 17.288152b versus 17.627060b -1.92%
H1 Profit before Tax 15.470715b versus 13.292216b +16.389%
H1 Profit after Tax 10.941384b versus 9.338685b
H1 EPS 2.90 versus 2.47 +17.408%

Download our Investor Presentation #EquityHYResults

Regional subsidiaries enhanced the Groups profitability, having grown their profitability by 62% to Kshs 2.8bn in the first half of 2018 #EquityHYResults

@KeEquityBank #EquityHYResults

All non Kenyan banking subsidiaries recorded double digit growth in profitability contributing to 18% of Groups PBT Dr. James Mwangi #EquityHYResults

The Groups deployment of funding was underpinned by investment in government securities which grew by 37% to reach Ksh 159bn up from Ksh 116bn Dr. James Mwangi #EquityHYResults


They have a muscled up Balance Sheet with plenty of Firepower.
These are Good results.
I like the regional Footprint which is gaining some meaningful traction.

FY Kenyan government securities held to maturity 128.001775b vs. 100.588954b +27.252%
FY Loans and advances to customers (net) 279.091669b vs. 266.068089b +4.895%
FY Total assets 524.465745b vs. 473.713133b +10.714%
FY Customer deposits 373.143247b vs. 337.198618b +10.660%
FY Borrowed funds 46.137632b vs. 45.770072b +0.803%
FY Total shareholders funds 93.142935b vs. 81.977096b +13.621%
FY Loans and advances interest income 33.830635b vs. 43.065889b -21.444%
FY Government securities interest income 13.393880b vs. 7.882239b +69.925%
FY Total interest income 48.410471b vs. 51.840604b -6.617%
FY Customer deposits expense [8.075892b] vs. [7.883466b] +2.441%
FY Other interest expenses [2.418697b] vs. [1.922526b] +25.808%
FY Total interest expenses [10.840862b] vs. [10.026712b] +8.120%
FY Net interest income 37.569609b vs. 41.813893b -10.150%
FY Fees and commissions income on loans and advances 5.914035b vs. 4.416234b +33.916%
FY Other fees and commissions income 13.365790b vs. 11.364858b +17.606%
FY FX trading income 4.110964b vs. 3.307113b +24.307%
FY Total non interest income 27.591699b vs. 22.218783b +24.182%
FY Total operating income 65.161308b vs. 64.032676b +1.763%
FY Loan loss provision [3.431331b] vs. [6.645641b] -48.367%
FY Staff costs [11.475853b] vs. [11.628908b] -1.316%
FY Other operating expenses [16.310153b] vs. [13.987251b] +16.607%
FY Total operating expenses [38.278885b] vs. [39.105794b] -2.115%
FY Profit/ [Loss] before tax and exceptional items 26.882423b vs. 24.926883b +7.845%
FY Profit/ [Loss] after tax and exceptional items 18.918051b vs. 16.602529b +13.947%
Basic and diluted EPS 5.00 vs. 4.38 +14.155%
Dividend per share 2.00 vs. 2.00
Total NPL and advances 15.442413b vs. 16.717199b -7.626%
Liquidity ratio 54.2% vs. 47.6% +6.600

Equity Bank FY17 Results via Kestrel Capital
NIMs stood at 8.5%, higher than our estimates of 8.2%.
Non interest income increased by 22.0% y/y to KES 27.6bn, marginally below our estimate of 27.9bn.
Staff costs were higher than expected at KES 11.5bn, down 1% y/y. Notably, other operating expenses were also slightly higher than expected, up 17% y/y to KES 16.3bn.
NPLs declined from 7.4% in 3Q17 to 6.3% in 4Q17 notable improvement especially if you look at the trend in NPLs going up even into Feb 2018.
As at the last price of KES 53.50, Equity Bank trades at a P/E of 12.2 and a P/B of 2.2. Notably, the ROE currently stands at 17.8%.
We believe Equity Bank is trading at fair valuations even assuming a reversal of interest rate caps.

@KeEquityBank Please find our Press release and detailed presentation here
Press Release: http://bit.ly/2pvcUc2

@KeEquityBank Investor Presentation:

We believe that the future of banking is predictive capability and this is where we have set our eyes as a Group Dr. Mwangi EquityFYResults2017 @KeEquityBank

Equitel transaction volumes grew by 11% to Ksh 251.6mn from 227.4mn YoY Dr. Mwangi EquityFYResults2017
Equitel transaction value grew by 32% to Kshs 480.3bn up from Ksh 364.4bn in 2016 Dr. Mwangi EquityFYResults2017
Equity bank Uganda PBT grew by 88%, Rwanda by 76%, DRC by 55%, South Sudan by 107%, Finserve by 29% and EIB by 48%. EquityFYResults2017
Regional and business diversification resulted in a double digit growth across the subsidiaries with an increased contribution of PBT of 14% from 8% YoY EquityFYResults2017
Subsidiary contribution to PAT doubled to 14% from 7% EquityFYResults2017
NPLs at 6.3% vs Industry average of 10.6%. EquityFYResults2017

@RichTvAfrica 14% Growth in PAT (Group) EquityFYResults2017

Equity added one million customers in 2017. Total customers at 12.1 million EquityFYResults2017 @BharteshShah

96% of all transactions are outside the branch. EquityFYResults2017 @BharteshShah


The Pivot to GOK securities tapered the NPLs ratio by 430 basis points.
Subsidiary contribution is set to accelerate further, in my opinion.
They will probably move very quick once the caps are modified to liquefy what remains a Key Franchise of the bank.
These are in my view strong results which promise much,
2018 is promising and hence we are very optimistic this year Dr Mwangi EquityFYResults2017

H1 Investment securities 115.595812b vs. 73.032331b +58.280%
H1 Loans and advances to customers (net) 265.086161b vs. 269.032284b -1.467%
H1 Total assets 504.944293b vs. 444.436850b +13.614%
H1 Customer deposits 362.788342b vs. 319.230725b +13.645%
H1 Total Shareholders Funds 85.893664b vs. 75.404004b +13.911%
H1 Total interest income 23.005192b vs. 26.095743b -11.843%
H1 Total interest expenses [5.062540b] vs. [4.862984b] +4.104%
H1 Net interest income 17.942652b vs. 21.232759b -15.495%
H1 Other fees and commissions income 6.286849b vs. 5.244938b +19.865%
H1 Total Non interest income 12.976624b vs. 10.847924b +19.623%
H1 Total operating income 30.919276b vs. 32.080683b -3.620%
H1 Total operating expenses [17.627060b] vs. [17.850607b] -1.252%
H1 Profit/ [Loss] before tax and exceptional items 13.292216b vs. 14.230076b -6.591%
H1 Profit/ [Loss] after tax and exceptional items 9.361478b vs. 10.111308b -7.416%
Basic and diluted EPS 2.47 vs. 2.68 -7.836%
Gross NPL and Advances 20.363500b vs. 12.931302b +57.474%
Total NPL and Advances 17.495591b vs. 10.757755b +62.632%
Net NPL and Advances 9.694174b vs. 5.958126b +62.705%
Liquidity ratio 51.1% vs. 37.0% +14.100%

Regional Loan Growth
Kenya 222.4b vs. 207.5b -7%
DRC 19.6b vs. 15.6b +26%
Tanzania 16.6b vs. 14.6b +13%
Rwanda 11.1b vs. 7.4b +49%
Uganda 10.2b vs. 8.7b +17%
South Sudan 0.1b vs. 0.3b -65%

From @Twitter

Dr. James Mwangi releases the #EquityHYResults @Engage_BM

EquityHYResults Dr. Mwangi investment in GoK securities increased to 115.5 billion from 73 billion JohnGachiri
Intermediation has ceased to be the basis for our model because we have shifted to government paper. James Mwangi EquityH1Results
@KeEquityBank subsidiaries in Tanzania, Congo, Rwanda & Uganda now contributes 10% of the groups total profit up from 5%. EquityHYResults
The banking industry has become skewed. The Top 10 banks share 92% of profits. The small banks share 8%. James Mwangi EquityH1Results


Strong results in the context of the Pivot to Government Securities.
very bullish about the region.

FY Investment securities 100.588954b vs. 42.775489b +135.156%
FY Loans and advances to customers (net) 266.068089b vs. 269.892942b -1.417%
FY Total assets 473.713133b vs. 428.062514b +10.664%
FY Customer deposits 337.198618b vs. 302.168588b +11.593%
FY Total shareholders funds 81.977096b vs. 72.136415b +13.602%
FY Loans and advances interest 43.065889b vs. 37.909498b +13.602%
FY Total interest income 51.840604b vs. 43.454466b +19.299%
FY Customer deposits expense [7.883466b] vs. [6.898327b] +14.281%
FY Total interest expenses [10.026712b] vs. [9.330902b] +7.457%
FY Net interest income 41.813893b vs. 34.123565b +22.537%
FY Foreign exchange trading income 3.307113b vs. 2.946453b +12.240%
FY Total Non-Interest income 22.218783b vs. 21.939059b +1.275%
FY Total operating income 64.032676b vs. 56.062624b +14.216%
FY Loan loss provision [6.645641b] vs. [2.433181b] +173.126%
FY Total operating expenses [39.105794b] vs. [32.104935b] +21.806%
FY Profit [Loss] before tax and exceptional items 24.926883b vs. 23.957689b +4.045%
FY Profit [Loss] after tax and exceptional items 16.602529b vs. 17.327000b -4.181%
EPS 4.38 vs. 4.59 -4.575%
Dividend per share 2.00 vs. 2.00
Total NPL and Advances 16.717199b vs. 7.327662b +128.138%
Liquidity ratio 47.6% vs. 33.2% +14.400%

From the Twitter Feed EquityFY2016Results

bharteshshah KeEquityBank Equity Bank Kenya liquidity up to 48% from 29% in 2015. Very liquid balance sheet in a turbulent envr
bharteshshah KeEquityBank turbulent macro environment industry NPL at 10%+, reverse repo in Dec at 92B.
bharteshshah KeEquityBank Equity NPL at 6.8% vs industry at 11%
JohnGachiri EquityFY2016Results 17.5% return on infrastructure bond has no risk Dr. Mwangi
bharteshshah KeEquityBank if risk free rate (t bonds) yield more than the cap where is the incentive to price risk?
bharteshshah KeEquityBank EquityFY2016Results KE net loans down by 5% and govt paper up by 171%
mainakibui CBKKenya capping interest rates without capping inflation is creating chaos. equityfy2016results KeEquityBank fb
The operating environment for banks in 2016 was turbulent Dr. Mwangi #EquityFY2016Results
JohnGachiri EquityFY2016Results Total banking industry recorded a -2% growth in deposits but Equitys growth was 17%. Dr. Mwangi
KeEquityBank Equitel did 227mn transactions, Agency 62mn transactions, ATMs 24.8mn transactions, Branch 20.4mn transactions EquityFY2016Results


signalling strength in a sector that is facing unprecedented challenges

Loans and advances to customers (net) 269.032284b vs. 236.915137b +13.556%
Total assets 444.436850b vs. 400.993037b +10.834%
Customer deposits 319.230725b vs. 299.696865b +6.518%
Total shareholders funds 75.404004b vs. 64.996397b +16.013%
H1 Loans and advances income 22.744689b vs. 16.964392b +34.073%
H1 Total interest income 24.095743b vs. 19.266418b +25.066%
H1 Customer deposits expense [3.873219b] vs. [3.113287b] +24.409%
H1 Net interest income 21.232759b vs. 15.504370b +36.947%
H1 Other fees and commissions income 5.244938b vs. 4.864393b +7.823%
H1 Total Non Interest Income 10.847924b vs. 10.806126b +21.931%
H1 Total Operating Income 32.847924b vs. 26.310496b +21.931%
H1 Total operation expenses [17.850607b] vs. [14.215105b] +25.575%
Profit [loss] before tax and exceptional items 14.230076b vs. 12.095391b +17.649%
Profit [loss] after tax and exceptional items 10.111308b vs. 8.568217b +18.009%
EPS 2.68 vs. 1.16 +131.034%
Gross NPL and advances 12.931302b vs. 10.862262b +19.048%
Net NPL 5.958126b vs. 4.070263b +46.382%
Liquidity Ratio 37.0% vs. 31.0% +6.000%

Equity Bank Tweets

The loans disbursed through Equitel account for 82% of total loans disbursed by the bank #EquityHY2016Results

We disbursed KES 20.8bn through our mobile channel Equitel with KES 5.6bn outstanding #EquityHY2016Results

Kestrel Commentary

reported an 18% yy increase in pretax profit to 14.2bn due to higher net interest income (+37% yy). Loans and advances grew by 14% yy to KES 269.0bn against our forecast of KES 290.1bn. Excluding S. Sudan, the loan book grew 19% y/y. Deposits increased by 7% yy to KES 320.8bn against our forecast of KES 315.4bn. Excluding the impact of S. Sudan the deposits grew by 16% yy. Non interest income was flat at KES 10.8bn against our forecast of KES 10.5bn. Loan loss provisions grew by 182% to KES 1.9bn against our forecast of KES 1.6bn. The NPL ratio was 4.6% against our forecast of 3.9%. The slower decline was similar to that of other Tier 1 banks. A significant improvement is expected in 3Q16. NPL coverage, however, increased to 53.9%. Cost to income ratio improved to 49.6% from 51.4% against our forecast of 48.6%. S. Sudan largely disappointed. Pretax profits from S. Sudan are down 112% yy. Loan book declined by 91% yy and deposits declined by 69% yy. Please find attached the Companys statement. (Source Company, Kestrel Research)


strong results.

FY Investment securities 42.775489b vs. 48.369008b -11.564%%
FY Loans and advances to customers 269.892942b vs. 214.170424b +26.018%
FY Customer deposits 302.168588b vs. 245.383135b +23.142%
FY Loans and advances income 37.909498b vs. 30.999140b +22.292%
FY Customer deposit expense [6.898327b] vs. [4.666626b] +47.823%
FY Total interest expense [17.147978b] vs. [11.527020b] +48.763%
FY Net interest income 34.123565b vs. 29.174637b +16.963%
FY Other fees & commission income 11.147606b vs. 8.84154b +26.082%
FY Foreign exchange trading income 2.946453b vs. 2.344899b +25.654%
FY Total operating income 56.062624b vs. 47.648679b +17.658%
FY Staff costs [10.291398b] vs. [10.775752b] -4.495%
FY Other operating expenses [13.111215b] vs. [9.168403b] +43.004%
FY Profit before tax and exceptional items 23.957689b vs. 21.300196b +12.476%
FY Profit after tax and exceptional items 17.327000b vs. 17.151365b +1.024%
Gains [losses] from translating the financial statements of foreign operations [5.752592b] vs. 0.136631b
EPS 4.59 vs. 4.63 -0.864%
Dividend per share 2.00 vs. 1.80 +11.111%
Total Non performing loans and advances 7.327662b vs. 7.349608b -0.299%
Liquidity ratio 33.2% vs. 39.6% -6.400%


FY Other operating expenses [13.111215b] vs. [9.168403b] +43.004% crimped Earnings

Group Consolidated Earnings through 30th June 2015 versus through 30th June 2014
First Half Total Assets 400.993037b versus 302.915330b +32.37%
First Half Loans and Advances [Net] to Customers 236.815137b versus 186.513517b +26.96%
First Half total Interest Income 19.266418b versus 16.971022b +13.52%
First Half Total Interest Expenses 3.762048b versus 2.956384b +27.25%
First Half Net Interest Income 15.504370b versus 14.014638b
First Half Total Non Interest Income 10.806126b versus 8.318802b +29.90%
First Half Total Operating Income 26.310496b versus 22.333440b +17.8%
First Half Loan Loss Provision 684.895m versus 517.968m
First Half Other Operating Expenses 5.402157b versus 3.786435b +42.67%
First Half total Operating Expenses 14.215106b versus 11.615353b +22.38%
First Half Profit before Tax 12.095390b versus 10.718087b +12.85%
First Half Profit after Tax 8.568216b versus 7.660671b +11.846%

From The Equity Twitter Handle

@KeEquityBank Number of agents increased to 21,108 agents. 54% growth year on year Dr. James Mwangi #EquityQ22015

@KeEquityBank An interesting trend that we are observing is people requesting for Eazzy loans via Equitel after banking hours Dr. Mwangi EquityQ22015

@KeEquityBank Equity Investment Bank saw 461% growth PBT Dr. James Mwangi EquityQ22015


They have evidently invested in this First Half and this is evidenced by the +42.67% Increase in Other Operating Expenses and a +22.38% increase in Total Operating Expenses.

Full Year Earnings through 31st December 2014 versus 31st December 2013
Full Year Group Assets 344.571649b versus 277.728818b +24.067%
Full Year Loans and Advances 214.170424b versus 171.363429b +24.9802%
Full Year Total Interest Income 35.366888b versus 31.889624b
Full Year Total Interest Expenses 6.192251b versus 5.399033b
Full Year net Interest Income 29.174637b versus 26.490591b
Full Year Total Non-Interest Income 18.474042b versus 15.370698b
Full Year Total operating Income 47.648679b versus 41.861289b
Full Year Loan Loss Provision 1.590863b versus 2.401942b
Full Year Staff Costs 10.775752b versus 9.024259b
Full Year Total Operating Expenses 26.348483b versus 22.710865b
Full Year Profit Before Tax before exceptional items 21.300196b versus 19.150424b
Gain on disposal of associate 1.063737b versus 0.00
Full Year Profit after tax and exceptional items 17.151368 versus 13.423784b +27.768%
Full Year Earnings Per share 4.63 versus 3.59 +28.96%
Full Year Dividend 1.80 versus 1.50 +20.00%

The groups performance was supported by strong underlying fundamentals, including a 24 percent growth in the balance sheet, Mwangi said.


Strong Earnings sweetened via a 1.063737b One Off Gain.

Group 1st Half 2014 Earnings through 30th June 2014
H1 Loans and Advances to Customers [Net] 186.513517b versus 150.477390b
H1 Total Assets 302.915330b versus 261.577670b
H1 Total Interest Income 16.971022b versus 15.712169b
H1 Total Interest Expenses 2.956384b versus 2.445385b
H1 Net Interest Income 14.014638b versus 13.266784b
H1 Total Non interest Income 8.318802b versus 6.975382b
H1 Total Operating Income 22.333440b versus 20.242166b
H1 Total Operating Expenses 11.615353b versus 11.391251b
H1 Profit Before Tax 10.718067b versus 8.850915b +21.095%
H1 Profit After Tax 7.660671b versus 6.307609b +21.451%

When you look at the loan book, it is very exciting, Mwangi said.

Equity, which also has operations in Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda and South Sudan, said its assets grew to 302.92 billion shillings from 261.58 billion in the first six months of 2013.

Mwangi said that all the firms subsidiaries had broken even and together contributed 15 percent to the pretax profit.

The bank said its mobile banking business had also grown during the first half of the year, with 3.04 million customers as at the end of June 2014, from 2.78 million customers at the end of 2013.


Solid momentum propelling these results.

FY through 31st December 2013 versus through 31st December 2012
FY Total Assets 277.728818b versus 243.170458b
FY Loans and Advances net to Customers 171.363429b versus 135.692125b
Customer Deposits 194.620593b versus 165.812458b
FY Interest Income 31.889624b versus 30.847947b
FY Total Interest Expenses 5.399033b versus 6.883814b
FY Net Interest Income 26.490591b versus 23.964133b
FY Total Non-Interest Income 15.370697b versus 12.863346b
Total Operating Income 41.861288b versus 36.827479b
Staff Costs 9.024259b versus 7.145470b +26.293%
Total Operating Expenses 22.710866b versus 19.578805b
Full Year Profit Before Tax 19.150422b versus 17.248674b +11.025%
Full Year profit After Tax 13.277796b versus 12.080255b +9.9132%
FY EPS 3.59 versus 3.26 +10.122%
Final Dividend of 1.50 a share versus 1.25 +20.00%


On a PE of sub 9.00 its relatively inexpensive.

H1 Earnings through 30th June 2013 versus H1 through June 2012 H1 PBT 8.850915b versus 7.559540b +17.082% H1 PAT 6.307609b versus 5.402833b +16.746%

FY Results through December 2012 versus FY through December 2011
Total Assets 243.170458b versus 196.293896b +23.88%
Loans and Advances to Customers [Net] 135.692125b versus 113.823792b +19.21244%
Total Interest Income 30.847947b versus 19.339570b
Total Interest Expenses 6.883814b versus 3.116533b
Net Interest Income 23.964133b versus 16.223036b
Total Non Interest Income 12.863346b versus 12.447008b
Total Operating Income 36.827479b versus 28.670045b +28.452%
Loan Loss Provision 1.608316b versus 1.629648b
Staff Costs 7.145470b versus 5.988598b +19.3179%
Total Operating Expenses 19.578805b versus 15.990902b +22.4371%
FY PBT 17.419407b versus 12.834019b +35.7283%
FY PAT 12.080255b versus 10.325157b +16.998%
FY EPS 3.26 versus 2.79 +16.845%
Final Dividend of 1.25 per share +25%


Strong FY Earnings where FY PAT expanded 16.998%.
The Dividend Increase of 25% and the Yield of 4.424% will support.
The PE is now 8.6656.
Dr Mwangi signalled a Strong Q4 at the Q3 Earnings Release where he said The fourth quarter promises to be much better on account of reduced interest rates, reduced inflation and stability in the exchange rate.

Q3 2012 versus Q3 2011
Loans and Advances Net to Customers 131.335156b versus 109.336657b +20.11996%
Total Assets 232.222461b versus 195.377240b
Customer Deposits 162.120318b versus 144.501820b
Total Interest Income 22.470444b versus 13.584541b
Net Interest Income 17.232422b versus 11.115318b
Total Non Interest Income 9.420487b versus 9.340678b
Total Operating Income 26.683109b versus 20.455896b +30.4421%
Total Operating Expenses 14.957555b versus 11.466694b +30.443%
Q3 PBT 11.695554b versus 8.989202b +30.1066%
Q3 PAT 8.300635b versus 7.292920b +13.81771%

The fourth quarter promises to be much better on account of reduced interest rates, reduced inflation and stability in the exchange rate, said James Mwangi, Chief Executive of Equity.


Increasing Loan Book +20.11996%
Profit Before Tax +30.1066%

FY 2011 versus FY 2010
Kenya Government Securities 22.616694b versus 8.633028b +161.978694%
Government Securities held for Dealing Purposes 7.594887b versus 22.577650b -66.361038%
Loans and Advances Net 113.82372b versus 78.301921b +45.365169%
Total Assets 196.293896b versus 143.018114b
Customer Deposits 140.446501b versus 104.430586b
Total Interest Income 19.339570b versus 13.775153b
Net Interest Income 16.223036b versus 11.713344b
Foreign Exchange 1.969830b versus 0.878079b +124.334029%
Non Interest Income 12.447008b versus 10.438626b
Total Operating Income 28.670045b versus 22.151970b
Loan Loss Provision 1.904578b versus 1.629648b
Total operating Expenses 15.990902b versus 13.201681b
Profit Before Tax PBT 12.834019B versus 9.044792b +41.89402%
PAT 10.325157b versus 7.131325b +44.785955%
EPS 2.79 versus 1.93 +44.559585%
Final Dividend 1.00 Shilling a Share versus 0.80 Last Time +25%


PAT H1 was +57.38% Q3 2011 was +42.284% and FY 2011 was +44.785955%.

Swot Analysis Q3 30.09. 2011 versus 30.06.2011 Group
Total Assets 195.3776b versus 136.584b
Government Securities 1.969214b versus 1.455993b
Total Income 20.455896b versus 16.506583b
PAT 7.29292b versus 5.125581b +42.284% versus +57.38% at the H1 2011 Release

Swot Analysis 6 months Results to 30th June 2011 versus 30th June 2010
Total Assets 171.352419b versus 122.499096b +39..88%
Total Interest Income 8.310553b versus 6.420483b
Net Interest Income 7.265865b versus 5.412720b
Total Operating Income 13.151039b versus 10.121691b
Loan Loss Provision 1.153687b versus 0.920457b
Total Operating Expenses 7.315396b versus 6.278050
PBT and Exceptional Items 5.835643b versus 3.843641b +51.825%
PAT and Exceptional Items 4.737625b versus 3.010396b +57.38%
Net Non Performing Loans 1.974635b versus 2.572865b


57.38% PAT H1 is plain muscular.

Full Year 2010 Compared to Full Year 2009 Swot Analysis
Total Assets 143.018b versus 100.811b
Total Non Interest Income 10.438626b versus 6.506103b
Profit and Loss After Tax 7.131325b versus 4.223988b +68.82%
EPS 1.93 versus 1.14
Dividend 0.80 per share

In the full year to December 2010, profit increased 69 percent to 7.13 billion shillings.
Average Price Over the last 5 Weeks
Average Price Over the last 5 Months
No. Of Shares Traded Over the last 5 Weeks
No. Of Shares Traded Over the last 5 Months
Market Capitalization Over the last 5 Weeks
Market Capitalization Over the last 5 Months
Data Source: Nairobi Stock Exchange
Trading Day: 31 Jan 2023
  22-NOV-2022 ::  Full Year Results
  Un-audited Financial Statements & Other Disclosures for the Period Ended 30th June 2022.

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  23-AUG-2022 ::  Un-audited Financial Statements & Other Disclosures for the Period Ended 30th June 2022.
  Un-audited Financial Statements & Other Disclosures for the Period Ended 30th June 2022.

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  22-MAR-2022 ::  Full Year Results
  Audited Financial Statements & Other Disclosures for the Period Ended 31st December 2021.

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