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Satchu's Rich Wrap-Up
Tuesday 11th of April 2017

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Macro Thoughts

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source of 'fast radio bursts' remains a mystery but two Harvard academics are not discounting the possibility that they could be message from another galaxy

Scientists might have found proof of alien life but misunderstood it,
according to a professor at Harvard University.

Strange radio waves that have been reaching Earth might actually be
leakage from a huge, light-powered ship deep in space.

Fast radio bursts (FRB), which have perplexed scientists since they
were discovered in 2007, could be evidence of advanced alien
technology, according to Avi Loeb of the Harvard-Smithsonian Centre
for Astrophysics. Researchers, however, remain far from establishing
whether the source of these “messages” is what Loeb speculates it is –
leakage from planet-sized transmitters that are powering interstellar
probes in distant galaxies.

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05-DEC-2016 :: "Somehow we are picking up signals from radio programmes of 40, 50, 60 years ago."

Don DeLillo, who is a prophetic 21st writer, writes as follows in one
of his short stories:
The specialist is monitoring data on his mission console when a voice
breaks in, “a voice that carried with it a strange and unspecifiable
He checks in with his flight-dynamics and conceptual- paradigm
officers at Colorado Command:
“We have a deviate, Tomahawk.”
“We copy. There’s a voice.”
“We have gross oscillation here.”
“ There’s some interference. I have gone redundant but I’m not sure
it’s helping.”
“We are clearing an outframe to locate source.”
“ Thank you, Colorado.”
“It is probably just selective noise. You are negative red on the
step-function quad.”
“It was a voice,” I told them.
“We have just received an affirm on selective noise... We will
correct, Tomahawk. In the meantime, advise you to stay redundant.”
The voice, in contrast to Colorado’s metallic pidgin, is a melange of
repartee, laughter, and song, with a “quality of purest, sweetest
“Somehow we are picking up signals from radio programmes of 40, 50, 60
years ago.”

Political Reflections

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North Korea has warned of "catastrophic consequences" in response to any further provocations by the US
Law & Politics


North Korea has nuclear weapons. That is an important point, I venture.

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White House Warns Syria of U.S. Response to 'Barrel Bomb' Use
Law & Politics

“If you gas a baby, if you put a barrel bomb into innocent people, I
think you can -- you will see a response from this president,” Sean
Spicer told reporters at his daily briefing on Monday. “That is

The White House press secretary warned Syria to stop using barrel
bombs against civilians, suggesting President Donald Trump may expand
the criteria for U.S. action against Bashar al-Assad’s regime.

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US election 'hacking': Russian man arrested in Spain at request of American authorities
Law & Politics

An alleged Russian hacker has been arrested in Spain at the request of
American authorities.

His arrest set cybersecurity circles abuzz after Russian broadcaster
RT raised the possibility it was linked to the US presidential

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Currency Markets at a Glance WSJ
World Currencies

Euro 1.0586
Dollar Index 101.01
Japan Yen 110.67
Swiss Franc 1.0086
Pound 1.2421
Aussie 0.7502
India Rupee 64.655
South Korea Won 1147.95
Brazil Real 3.1331
Egypt Pound 17.9965
South Africa Rand 13.9310

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Elon Musk's Tesla Inc. briefly surpassed General Motors Co. to become America's most valuable carmaker
International Trade

“Tesla engenders optimism, freedom, defiance, and a host of other
emotions that, in our view, other companies cannot replicate,” said
Alexander Potter, an analyst at Piper Jaffray Cos., who upgraded the
stock Monday after owning a Tesla for seven months and meeting with
management. “As they scramble to catch up, we think Tesla’s
competitors only make themselves appear more desperate.”

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Congo Bans Demonstrations as Opposition Calls for Protests

“All gatherings of more than 10 people will be dispersed,” police
spokesman Colonel Pierre Mwanamputu said Sunday by phone from the
capital, Kinshasa. The streets of the city were quiet early Monday,
with a heavy security presence.

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Congo protests fall flat as opposition to Kabila sputters

Opposition calls for mass protests against Democratic Republic of
Congo President Joseph Kabila fell flat on Monday when only a handful
of people showed up, undermining efforts to oust him after his refusal
to quit on expiry of his mandate last year.


Kabila is on the Front Foot and the Opposition is pushed back to the Boundary.

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Remembering Chris Hani @ FightInequalit1

The rand has slipped nearly 12 percent since March 27 when President
Jacob Zuma recalled then-finance minister Pravin Gordhan

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10-APR-2017 :: Will Economics Prevail Against Politics in Africa? @Thestarkenya

The cost to South Africa Inc after the latest reshuffle at the
Treasury is measurable [South African banks are now rated at ‘’Junk’’]
and it’s egregious. Why? Politics.

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Zuma Says Demonstrations Against Him Showed Racism Is 'Real'

“There is a resurgence of racism in our country. It is also clear that
racists have become more emboldened,” Zuma told a ceremony near
Johannesburg to honor former ANC military commander Chris Hani, who
was assassinated in 1993, a year before the end of white-minority
rule. “The marches that took place last week demonstrated that racism
is real and exists in our country.”

The protests were called by Save South Africa, which has been
campaigning for better government, and were backed by the main
opposition party, the Democratic Alliance, and civil-rights groups.

“The racist onslaught has become more direct and is no longer hidden
as was the case in the early years of our constitutional democratic
order,” he said. “Racists no longer fear being caught or exposed.”

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In the case of South Africa, is it time to buy the dip? Appreciate everyone's thoughts David Ingles TV

Dear @DavidInglesTV Actually I think the bounce will be of the dead
cat variety. And Good Morning.

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Emails show senior executives at world’s fifth largest company
knowingly took part in a vast bribery scheme that robbed the Nigerian
people of $1.1billion.

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East Africa's Credit Slowdown Threatens Economic Expansion

Credit to the Kenyan private sector grew 4.9 percent in December, the
slowest pace since 2003 and compared with a record 35.9 percent in
2011, according to central bank data compiled by Bloomberg. In
Tanzania, the increase was 5.2 percent in January, the lowest since
2000, while in Uganda it was 7.5 percent in February, after growing
less than 10 percent most of last year and even contracting in two


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Nasa to announce flagbearer week after Easter

National Super Alliance (Nasa) leaders’ negotiations in Kilifi County
on Sunday night skirted around the presidential flag-bearer, pushing
the thorny issue in the opposition coalition to the week after the
Easter holidays.


This is evidently problematic.

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by Aly Khan Satchu (www.rich.co.ke)
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April 2017

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