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Satchu's Rich Wrap-Up
Tuesday 12th of October 2021

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Macro Thoughts
World Of Finance

These markets are now just so fluid. It finally seems that The Central Bankers are losing control of the longer End and therefore we should continue to see whipsaw downside action.

Energy and the $ look as if they have further to go

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@FairmontMtKenya in Nanyuki became a mecca for the international jet

It was William Holden [who was the best man at Ronald Reagan’s wedding to Nancy Davis] who founded the Mount Kenya Safari Club in Nanyuki in 1959.

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The Crystal Frontier | Author: Carlos Fuentes |

Above all, he had those dreamy eyes that said, I’ve been waiting a long time for you.

Before: Michelina’s gaze wandered from her memory of Mexican colonial convents and French châteaus to the real vision of this group of walled mansions, each one half fortress, half mausoleum, mansions with Greek capitals, columns, and svelte statues of gods wearing fig leaves; Arabian mosques with little fountains and plaster minarets; reproductions of Tara, with its neoclassical portico. Not a single tile, not one adobe brick—only marble, cement, stone, plaster, and more wrought iron, gates behind gates, gates within gates, gates facing gates, a labyrinth of gates, and the inaudible buzz of garage doors that opened with a stench of old gasoline, involuntarily urinated by the herds of Porsches, Mercedes, BMWs that reposed like mastodons within the caves of the garages.

They drank supersweet liqueurs because they got you stoned faster and were tastier, as if life were an eternal dessert (desert? dessert? postre? desierto?). They would drink sweet aníse on ice, a so-called nun, a cloudy drink that got you drunk fast. (Oh, Lucilita, how I’m screwing up—and it’s only my first little nun …) Like drinking the sky, girls, like getting drunk on clouds. They began singing: You and the clouds have driven me crazy, you and the clouds will be my death …

First it’s ‘The president called me,’ then it’s ‘The president told me, confided in me, distinguished me with an embrace.’ ‘So why don’t you marry him?’ I said.”

They started giggling, imitating the movements of skiers, but they weren’t on the Colorado slopes but in the desert of northern Mexico, which suddenly exploded in the firmament at sunset and passed through the leaded windows of the Tudor-Norman mansion, illuminating the faces of the twenty women, painting them satanic red, blinding the contact-lens wearers, and forcing all of them to look at the daily spectacle of the sun disappearing amid the fire, carrying their treasures into the underworld, exhibiting them one last time on the bald mountains and rocky plains, leaving only the prickly pears as the crowns of the night, carrying everything else away: life, beauty, ambition, envy, fortune. Would the sun rise again?

The twenty women silently watched the sunset as if, in tears, they were attending their own funerals.

They crossed the densest urban spaces, spaces swirling around them noisy as a river made entirely of loose stones; they cut through the brown crust of polluted air; and they also crossed the time zones of Mexico City, disordered, anarchic, immortal—time overlapping its past and its future,

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Austria's Kurz Steps Down As Chancellor Amid Graft Claims @AFP
Law & Politics

Kurz -- who in 2017 became the world's youngest democratically elected leader -- said he wanted to "make space to prevent chaos".
"We need stability," the 35-year-old conservative said, adding it would be "irresponsible" to allow Austria to "slide into months of chaos or gridlock" while the EU member of almost nine million fights the pandemic.
Pressure on Kurz to resign, including from his own junior coalition partner the Greens, started after prosecutors on Wednesday raided several locations linked to his People's Party (OeVP).
They announced that Kurz and nine other individuals were under investigation over claims that government money was used between 2016 and 2018 in a corrupt deal to ensure positive media coverage.
By stepping down, Kurz avoids having to face a parliamentary no-confidence motion, which he was expected to lose after the Greens turned against him.
In 2019, his coalition with the far-right Freedom Party (FPOe) collapsed after his ally became engulfed in a corruption scandal dubbed "Ibizagate".

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Then there is the monopolistic aspect of this. As it stands now the Western internet is virtually owned by US big tech. @RnaudBertrand
Law & Politics

It's a giant supermarket where, if you own a business, you invariably end up in a situation where a huge portion of your profits goes to the GAFAM's pockets.

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The Western internet is crazily biased in favor of US big tech. These companies are now worth trillions of dollars, each! @RnaudBertrand
Law & Politics

Market cap of the largest European internet company? $40 billion.
Largest ASEAN internet company? $40 billion.
The rest of the world gets mere crumbs.

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They now turn to rule over the people by means of what could be dubbed "big data totalitarianism" and "WeChat terror." @ChinaFile
Law & Politics

You will all be no better than fields of garlic chives, giving yourselves up to being harvested by the blade of power, time and time again. 
[ “garlic chives,” Allium tuberosum, often used as a metaphor to describe an endlessly renewable resource.]
What is thriving, however, is all that ridiculous ―Red Culture and the nauseating adulation that the system heaps on itself via shameless pro-Party hacks who chirrup hosannahs at every turn @ChinaFile #COVID19

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05-MAR-2018 :: China has unveiled a Digital Panopticon in Xinjiang #CCP100 #CPC100
Law & Politics

China has unveiled a Digital Panopticon in Xinjiang where a combination of data from video surveillance, face and license plate recognition, mobile device locations, and official records to identify targets for detention.
Xinjiang is surely a precursor for how the CCP will manage dissent. The actions in Xinjiang are part of the regional authorities’ ongoing “strike-hard” campaign, and of Xi’s “stability maintenance” and “enduring peace” drive in the region.

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The irony here is that the US, despite being the seat of these firms, is also a victim. @RnaudBertrand
Law & Politics

The same problems it unleashed on the world-ex-China it unleashed on itself. Those private firms can control the narrative in the US like abroad. They're monopolistic in the US like abroad.

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.@WHO Weekly epidemiological update on COVID-19 - 5 October 2021

Globally, the number of weekly COVID-19 cases and deaths continued to decline. This is a trend that has been observed since August. 

Over 3.1 million new cases and just over 54 000 new deaths were reported during the week of 27 September to 3 October 2021. 

Cases this week decreased by 9% as compared to the previous week, while deaths remained similar. 

All regions reported a decline in the number of new cases this week apart from the European Region which remained similar to the week before. 

The largest decrease in new weekly cases was reported from the African Region (43%), 

The highest numbers of new cases were reported from 

United States of America (760 571 new cases; similar to the number reported in the previous week)

United Kingdom (239781 new cases;similar to the number reported in the previous week)

Turkey (197 277 new cases; similar to the number reported in the previous week)

Russian Federation (165 623 new cases; 13% increase)

India (161 158 new cases; 21% decrease).


The Lowest weekly case count for 12 weeks. 

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PREEMPTive Spike: Scientific support for mandates were built on a known false premise @CharlesRixey

It is indisputable that the mRNA vaccines have saved thousands of lives, and I gladly received the Moderna jabs because it was the best thing I could do to protect my vulnerable parents. 

It is also increasingly clear that the efficacy of the mRNA vaccines is declining, and that the Biden administration is ignoring this trend and doubling down on the vaccine strategy through ever-widening mandates.

I’d bet that most people wouldn’t be so enthusiastic about the 'science' if they knew that basic animal trials for proof-of-concept involving spike proteins for immune response were rejected by DARPA in 2018, only to be gambled on out of necessity because of the pandemic.

In my most-read article, Who watches the Watchmen?, the answer to the titular question was nobody.

There are many factors that have contributed to the global delta wave, but at its core the variant’s success is a function of its exponentially greater production of infective particles, which has simply overwhelmed the immune systems of the young whom are less susceptible than those of their parents and grandparents. 

Another factor is that children under 12 have been unable to get vaccinated because of the approved age limit. 

My own perspective is that the dynamic is fueled, at least in part, by highly effective aerosol transmission, in which case our current mitigation protocols are potentially exacerbating the evolution and spread of the delta variant.

case fatality rates [CFR’s] since May 1st are losing their previously strong negative correlation with state population vaccination proportions. 

4 of the states pictured above actually have higher CFR’s during the delta wave than in the pandemic overall, which is in opposition to the prevailing trends throughout the last 20 months. 

The overlooked key finding (in my opinion) is the epitope coverage aspect of the rejection, within the first paragraph. 

Epitope coverage is key in the development of effective vaccines; it’s the scientific term for how much of a target virus’s genome is included in a vaccine’s ‘active ingredient’ [the genetic material of the targeted virus/viruses, however attenuated]; guessing next year’s mixture of dominant flu strains is how our annual flu vaccines are chosen and produced. 

The efficacy of flu vaccines is partly determined by how good scientist’s projections are, but our familiarity with flu vaccines has made it easy for the public to overlook what scientists already know - that coronaviruses work quite differently.

Viral quasispecies 'swarms', as D. Sirotkin pointed out, are an unknown feature of many viruses amongst the public. I certainly had never heard of the phenomenon prior to researching COVID-19.

Here's the rub: the current mRNA vaccines are designed as quick-response platforms for pandemic emergencies. 

Dr. Fauci's primary focus in this regard has been a universal flu vaccine, and thus far mRNA is still a pandemic-centered technology. 

In 2018, they expanded this program to include MERS-COV and a general pan-CoV vaccine.

There’s just one problem, which some observers have been pointing out for years - the recombination/quasispecies elements of CoV variant evolution is less optimal for a partial-coverage epitope [see sterilizing immunity] strategy than for other viruses, especially since the part they specifically target and use in their vaccines is (obviously) the spike that drives infectivity. 

The DARPA program director knew enough to know that EHA's proposal was of questionable value under these conditions, even if he may have been curious himself about what the data might show. 

Therefore, it only makes sense that he would decline a project that didn't show as much promise in the specific area covered under the proposal. 

It’s also not surprising that no one has bothered to admit the existence of this proposal.

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.@GoldmanSachs cuts 2022 U.S. GDP growth forecast to 4.0% from 4.4%. @ReutersJamie
World Of Finance

Cites significant fall in fiscal support, and longer-lasting Covid effects delaying the consumer spending recovery.

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In 1929, President Herbert Hoover assured the country that things were already “back to normal,” Liaquat Ahamed writes in Lords of Finance
World Of Finance

Just weeks after the stock market crashed in 1929, President Herbert Hoover assured the country that things were already “back to normal,” Liaquat Ahamed writes in Lords of Finance 
Five months later, in March 1930, Hoover said the worst would be over “during the next 60 days.”
When that period ended, he said, “We have passed the worst.”
Eventually, Ahamed writes, “when the facts refused to obey Hoover’s forecasts, he started to make them up.”
Government agencies were pressed to issue false data. Officials resigned rather than do so, including the chief of the Bureau of Labor Statistics.
And we all know how that turned out: The Great Depression.

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"Liquidate labor, liquidate stocks, liquidate the farmers... It will purge the rottenness out of the system."
World Of Finance

Mellon doctrine Territory. Mellon believed that economic recessions, such as those that had occurred in 1873 and 1907, were a necessary part of the business cycle because they purged the economy. 

In his memoirs, Hoover wrote that Mellon advised him to “liquidate labor, liquidate stocks, liquidate the farmers, liquidate real estate. Purge the rottenness out of the system. High costs of living and high living will come down. ... enterprising people will pick up the wrecks from less competent people.”

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Currency Markets At a Glance
World Currencies

Euro 1.1562
Dollar Index 94.314
Japan Yen 113.28
Swiss Franc 0.9276
Pound 1.3608
Aussie 0.7356
India Rupee 75.2455
South Korea Won 1199.18
Brazil Real 5.5368
Egypt Pound 15.7186
South Africa Rand 15.06

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Reed Hastings: ‘ @netflix is still in challenger status’ @FT
World Of Finance

Reed Hastings is the billionaire founder of Netflix, the crusher of Blockbuster, and the one who turned Hollywood upside down with streaming tech 

Netflix launched 1997 a service offering DVD hire by post, aiming to bring internet savvy to the ever-frustrating, damn-the-late-fees world of video rental. 

“Covid could have been an internet virus taking down all the routers of the world and our business would be out and restaurants would be in,” 

“And instead tragically it is a biological one, so everybody is locked up and we had the greatest growth in the first half of this year that we ever had.” 

“If you just say no rules, then it is kind of anarchy,” he replies. “The question is, can you manage through values and context, so everyone is doing the right thing without central co-ordination? It’s the jazz metaphor versus the orchestra.”

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SEP-2019 a ‘’conviction’’ Buy at Friday’s closing price of $270.75. $NFLX
World Of Finance

My Mind kept to an Article I read in 2012 ‘’Annals of Technology Streaming Dreams’’ by John Seabrook January 16, 2012. 

“People went from broad to narrow,” he said, “and we think they will continue to go that way—spend more and more time in the niches— because now the distribution landscape allows for more narrowness’’

Netflix is not a US business, it is a global business. The Majority of Analysts are in the US and in my opinion, these same Analysts have an international ‘’blind spot’’ 

Once Investors appreciate that the Story is an international one and not a US one anymore, we will see the price ramp to fresh all-time highs. 

I, therefore, am putting out a ‘’conviction’’ Buy on Netflix at Friday’s closing price of $270.75.

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African Region .@WHO Weekly epidemiological update on COVID-19 - 5 October 2021

The African Region reported over 49 000 new cases and just under 1900 new deaths, decreases of 43% and 25% respectively as compared to the previous week. 

The declining trend in cases reported in the region and observed since early July continued this week. 

While this trend is true for most countries in the region, in the past week, seven countries reported increases of over 20% in new cases as compared to the previous week.

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#COVID19 in South Africa We're reaching new lows, and that's a good thing @rid1tweets

• Cases -39%
• Tests -3%
• Test positivity at 2.9%, from 4.9% a week ago Clapping hands sign
• Hospitalisations -22%
• Deaths -28%

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Speaking on BBC World Service Newshour, explaining the major #Ethiopia|n offensive against #Tigray and #TDF positions. 30 min into the program. | Newshour - @KjetilTronvoll

The falcon cannot hear the falconer;

Turning and turning in the widening gyre
The falcon cannot hear the falconer;
Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold;
Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world,
The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere The ceremony of innocence is drowned;
The best lack all conviction, while the worst Are full of passionate intensity.

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BerhanuJula& Abebaw’s secret to a lightening victory is human wave tactics a la WWI. It will never work. @eda_getachew

#AbiyAhmed’s so-called ‘Final Offensive’ is in full swing now. Our forces are holding their ground and more in Wegeltena,Geregera,Wurgessa and Haro fronts. BerhanuJula& Abebaw’s secret to a lightening victory is human wave tactics a la WWI. It will never work. TigrayShallPrevail!

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9-JUL-2021 :: The Contagion will surely boomerang and destabilise the Horn of Africa for the forseeable future.

If I could I would be limit short the Ethiopian Birr [It trades at 60 to the $ on the black market]

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The mosquito-borne disease kills over 400,000 people every year, most of them in Africa. Far more fall ill: the WHO estimates that as many as 229-million people contract malaria each year. @thecontinent_

The RTS,S/AS01 vaccine – which also goes by the somewhat jauntier name of “Mosquirix”, acts against P. falciparum the deadliest and most prevalent malaria parasite on the continent.

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East Africa's economy grew the fastest of all Africa's regions before the pandemic. Growth was predicted at 5.1% for 2020 pre-Covid – @Africa_Conf
East Africa

East Africa's economy grew the fastest of all Africa's regions before the pandemic. Growth was predicted at 5.1% for 2020 pre-Covid – largely driven by strong spending on infrastructure and rising domestic demand – but came to an abrupt halt in the middle of last year as the pandemic took hold. 

So too did trade between countries in the region. However, the six-nation East African Community, say economic analysts, is one of the most integrated regions on the continent.

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by Aly Khan Satchu (www.rich.co.ke)
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October 2021

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